Leading Fintech Innovation

Technology to simplify credit access for everyday consumers on a global scale.

For over 15 years FinSANA has developed a range of technology and products that service financial consumers in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

What We Do

FinSANA creates transformative growth by connecting in-market credit consumers utilizing our innovative technology as we’re redefining the credit fintech space.

Proprietary Technology

Our custom Loan Management Solution (LMS) is a suite of fintech tools to manage the full consumer lifecycle, along with acquisition, payment processing, collections and more.

Digital Science & Analytics

Using advanced machine learning, analytics and statistical modeling techniques, we are able to develop simplified and streamlined financial products for everyday consumers.

Digital Marketing

Through our team of experienced digital marketing professionals we are at the forefront of customer acquisition within the financial industry.

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International Presence

FinSANA operates within multiple countries, where their brands and people provide
personal finance solutions to consumers.