Project Peanut

Project Peanut is the major project we created for our PHP class. The website,, is a blog website where developers can share articles about all things web development. The project has a ton of features because I was in a team of five people! All of the features I worked on are database driven, and I used MySQL. My three features I created are as follows.

Our team faced a ton of challenges when building this website. At first, we didn't know what features each of us would work on. It was also a challenge to figure out how to build the tables for each of our features! I also didn't quite know how to build object-oriented code, and I had trouble using the form POST method to direct the code to the right pages. I also had trouble managing the GIT repository at the last moment. The code might not be tested as well as I'd like, but at least I can be proud that it works! Check out the code and see for yourself.

Polls feature
Landing page + Polls front end
Polls admin
Contact feature
Contact front end
Contact admin
Comments feature
Comments front end
Comments admin