Humber Bay Hospital Project

Me and my team created a new website for North Bay Regional Health Center (NBRHC) but we renamed it to Humber Bay. Our team used the C# ASP.NET framework to create the administrative, database-driven component of the website. Unfortunately we were not able to create the front-end component, but for administrative side, look at what we achieved for yourself.

I created three features within the Humber Bay website: Donations, volunteers, and emergency alerts.

Learning how to program in ASP.NET MVC was really, really challenging. I started by creating the database model, moving on to the database context, and using the database context to create a new database. Our team ran into many repository problems where we didn't know how to sync up our projects to be the same on each laptop, so we needed outside assistance. Now, I'm more experienced with GIT so I hope I can avoid similar problems in the future.Problems emerged almost every step of the way but in the end, we created a fully functioning MVC application. Woohoo!

Below you'll find pictures of the Donations feature. If I showed you all of the different pages, it would be eight thousand pictures and I don't think you want to see that.